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Experimental Diets

Custom Formulated Experimental Diets for Laboratory Animals

Dyets provides experimental diets and custom formulated diets for laboratory animals including rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, pig, monkey, and woodchuck, et.al.

We welcome the chance to aid in developing purified diets for any other species or any new scientific pursuit. Generally, we employ the American Society of Nutritional Science (ASNS) or National Research Council (NRC) recommended purified diets.

Since we custom manufacture each diet, it is a simple matter to vary any or all of the constituents to meet individual researcher specifications. This allows us to prepare diets with sufficient, deficient or excessive levels of each of the vitamins or minerals as well as quantitative and/or qualitative variation in the macronutrients, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber. 

We also have broad experience with the formulation and production of L-Amino Acid based diets. Additionally, we have experience that allows us to homogeneously blend almost any test chemical such as cholesterol, cholic acid, etc. regardless of physical properties into L-Amino Acid Defined, Purified, or Cereal based diets.

In the limited lists of diets below, we have included links to the composition page of the diet. Compositions of all diets will be sent upon request and each composition is sent to investigators prior to diet production as part of our quality control process. It is the philosophy of Dyets that all investigators should be completely informed on the exact composition, by ingredient, of each diet used in their experiments.


Diet Categories

  • Purified diets
  • L-Amino Acid Defined diets
  • Liquid diets
  • Cereal Based diets

Please remember that we have the knowledge, experience, scientific enthusiasm, and research background to work with you in developing purified diets specifically formulated to test any hypothesis that you may have.

All diets manufactured by us are certified accurate by composition on an ingredient basis as labeled by our suppliers. We look forward to working with you on future research projects.

AIN-93G and AIN-93M Purified Rodent Diets

Please note that this website reflects the emergence of the AIN-93G and the AIN-93M Purified Rodent Diets. Reprints of the Committee Report, by Reeves, P.G.; Neilsen, F. H.; & Fahey, G. C. published in theJournal of Nutrition“, 123:1939-1951, 1993 are available by clicking this link

AIN-93 Purified Diets for Laboratory Rodents

Click here for modified versions of the AIN-93 G&M diets to meet the 1995 NRC nutrient requirements for rats and mice.

Additionally, the website contains Dyets’ version of the AIN-93G and the AIN-93M Rodent Diets in both Amino Acid defined and liquid diet forms. Along with the many diet compositions we have included caloric density information here, (kcal=4.187J) for many of our commonly used diet ingredients. While our caloric values vary slightly from lot to lot, they are consistent with the values described in the 1993 AIN-93G and AIN-93M Rodent Diet committee Report by Reeves et al.

Dyets has four discounted price ranges for pelleted diets. Dyets discounts a diet’s cost 5%-20% depending on quantity (125-1000 kilograms) for orders of the same diet (non-aggregate) at one time.

*United States Patents 5,354,129 issued 10/11/1994 and 5,462,355 issued 10/31/1996 to Donald H. Yowell. 

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