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Mineral Mix

Mineral Mix Compositions chart below shows the quantity of each element that will be imparted to the diet when added at the prescribed rate. One or more of the elements can be deleted from any of the salt mixes upon request. There is no extra charge for this service unless Reagent grade salts are required.

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Quantity and Price ($/kg)
NumberDescription50 + kg10-49 kg1-9 kg
210025AIN-93G MX$12.00$14.00$16.00
210050AIN-93M MX$12.00$14.00$16.00
200050Fox Briggs N$13.25$16.00$17.50
200100Briggs Chick Salts A$13.25$16.00$17.50
200150Calcium Free AIN-76$13.25$16.00$17.50
200151Guinea Pig (Reid-Briggs)$14.25$16.50$18.50
(Note that the magnesium oxide and potassium acetate normally added to the diet directly have been incorporated into the salt mix for improving the uniformity of the composition.
200250Hegsted IV$14.25$16.00$17.50
200300Hubbel-Mendel-Wakeman (HMW)$13.25$16.00$17.00
200600U.S.P. XIII No. 2$25.25$27.50$29.00
200650Draper No. 4164$13.25$16.00$17.00
200950U.S.P. XIV$13.75$16.50$17.50
200951Modified U.S.P. XIV (Zinc and Chromium added)$13.75$16.50$17.50
201100Wesson (Mod. Osborne-Mendel)$13.75$16.50$17.50
201200AIN-76 Liquid Diet$12.75$15.50$17.00
210011Lieber-DeCarli Liquid Diet (Rat)$12.75$15.50$17.00
210092Mod. Lieber-DeCarli MX for CMP Tube Diet$12.75$15.50$17.00
213507Potassium Free AIN-76CallforPricing
213752Mod. Sodium Free AIN-76CallforPricing
215001Iron Free AIN-76CallforPricing
220000Rabbit Salt Mix (NRC)$13.25$15.50$17.50
230000Chick-Modified (NRC)$13.25$15.50$17.50
240003Monkey Salt Mix$13.25$15.50$17.50
250001Guinea Pig Salt Mix (NRC)$13.75$16.00$18.00
260001Hamster Salt Mix (NRC)$13.25$15.50$18.00
270001Cat Salt Mix (NRC)$13.25$15.50$18.00
280001Dog Salt Mix (NRC)$13.25$15.50$18.00
290006Ferret Salt Mix$13.25$15.50$18.00
290006Mineral Mix for Swine (NRC)$13.25$15.50$18.00


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