Vitamin Mixes

researcher developing vitamin mix composition for custom diets for laboratory researchVitamin Mix

This table shows the quantity of each vitamin that will be imparted to the diet when added at the prescribed rate. One or more of the vitamins can be deleted from any of the mixes upon request. There is no extra charge for this service. Learn more about Vitamin Mixes here.


Quantity and Price ($/Kg)
NumberDescription25+ Kg10-24 Kg1-9 Kg
300000Standard Vitamin Fortification Mix$40.00$45.00$50.00
300060AOAC Vitamin Mix$23.00$25.00$27.00
300100Vanderzant (Insects)$56.00$58.00$60.00
300111Monkey Vitamin Mix*$25.00$27.00$30.00
300151Guinea Pig (Reid-Briggs)*$35.00$37.00$40.00
302858High Biotin for Zinc Deficient Diets$40.00$42.00$45.00
310011Lieber-DeCarli Liquid Rat$25.00$27.00$30.00
320005Rabbit (NRC)$20.00$23.00$25.00
330002Chick (NRC)$20.00$23.00$25.00
350001Guinea Pig (NRC)$25.00$27.00$30.00
360001Hamster (NRC)$25.00$27.00$30.00
370001Cat (NRC)$25.00$27.00$30.00
380001Dog (NRC)$25.00$27.00$30.00

*These mixtures contain inositol, which is usually added to the diets separately.

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