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Lab Animal Custom Diets

Custom Diets Manufactured by Dyets

Since we custom manufacture each diet, it is a simple matter to vary any or all of the constituents to meet individual researcher specifications. This allows us to prepare diets with sufficient, deficient or excessive levels of each of the vitamins or minerals. Our diets will also provide quantitative and/or qualitative variation in the macronutrients, protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber. We also have broad experience with the formulation and production of L-Amino Acid based diets and our consultants will be happy to discuss your custom diet needs with you.

We do our best to provide you with detailed and up-to-date reference materials. We offer this page as a source in finding lab animal diets and resource information such as the compositions of various diets, mineral mixes and vitamin mixes. In addition, you can find the typical caloric density of our ingredients, an explanation of our diet numbering system and our pricing system. Use our search tool to find the specific information for the types of diets you are interested in and download for your convenience.

Dyets Products

Our lab products are the highest quality to ensure you develop quality research. Dyets wants to assist you with the types of products you need to conduct your research efficiently. If you don’t see your products listed below, please ask; we may be able to supply it.


None of our ingredients are pre-packaged. Your orders are packaged from the high quality ingredients that are used in our purified diet manufacturing operations. The prices in parentheses on the price sheet are the total prices for the quantities indicated (shipping charges apply). Slightly smaller or larger quantities will be priced proportionately.


Small quantities may incur a packaging fee. 

Feeding Jars

Feeding jars and accessories from Dyets are of the highest quality construction. We offer two different sizes.

Drinking Tubes

Dyets drinking tubes and holders are made with the highest quality construction.

Sipper Tubes

Laboratory sipper tubes are made of stainless steel construction. As with all our laboratory products all are  produced with the highest quality materials.

Dyets Now Offers Custom Fresh Food Diets

Fresh Food Recipes

Several years ago, Dyets, Inc. was contacted by Dr. Michael Barratt, a researcher in Dr. Jeffrey Gordon’s lab at Washington University, about the possibility of creating pelleted diets from fresh food recipes. The first recipe we worked on was based on the diet of Malawian children.

This study was published in the February 19, 2016 issue of Science. A modified version of this diet containing milk oligosacchrides was also made for them and the results of this study were published in the February 25, 216 issue of Cell. Since then we have made many different fresh food diets for them.  Read More…

Custom diets have been specially formulated at Dyets since 1979. Generally, we employ the American Society of Nutritional Science (ASNS) or National Research Council (NRC)  recommended purified diets. We provide experimental diets and custom formulations for laboratory animals including rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, pig, monkey, and woodchuck, et.al. We welcome the chance to aid in developing custom diets for your research, for any other species or any new scientific pursuit. 


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