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Feeding Jars and Accessories For Powdered Diets

Feeding jars and accessories from Dyets’ are of the highest quality construction. If you are looking for a specific product that you don’t see on our website, contact us and we will happy to research the product for you. Our goal is to help you produce quality research which can best be done with high quality laboratory equipment. High quality at a reasonable price.

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Feeding Jars and Accessories

#910018 Complete Jar Set

Feed Jar Holder – 4 oz. + Complete Jar Set



#910019 Feeding Jar Set

 1 oz. Feeding Jar Set (individual mouse)



laboratory products png
#910007 Feeding Jar

Feeding Jar – 4 oz. Clear Glass Only Diam. 3″ Hgt. 2″


#910016 Food Follower

Food Follower – 4 oz. Stainless Steel 6 holes 1 5/8″ Diam.


#910024 Deluxe Lid

Deluxe Lid – 4 oz. Stainless Steel Snap-On Hole Diam. 1″


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